Brew Bomb has a product that’s revolutionizing the cold brew industry, so they needed a video that would match the excitement that the ACE Brewer is bringing to the coffee scene.


  • Script
  • Production
  • Post-production
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Animation
  • Visual Effect
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Cold brew in action

Putting the ACE Brewer in 3D is a great way to break apart all the features and get in deep to see how the quick cold brewing works, but customers needed to know how it would look in their shops, so we opted for part live action and part animation to tell the story of the ACE Brewer.

acebrewer thumbnail anamorphic
brb20-001 acebrewer still 01
brb20-001 acebrewer still 02
brb20-001 acebrewer still 04

The ACE Brewer turns the cold brew market on its head, and with such a new concept, we needed to help customers understand that they can throw everything they know about cold brew out the window.

brb20-001 acebrewer still 03
brb20-001 acebrewer still 05

Spreading the love to the socials

Why let a good video go to waste? The original scope included some 15-second Instagram ads created from various scenes from the hero video. Knowing we wanted to get social at the start of the project allowed us to script the socials right along side the hero video and reduce the animation lift.

Bite-sized Pieces

Or maybe we should say little sippers. Breaking the main 3D scenes down into 15-second Instagram Ads brought more value from the video investment.

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