Based on a concept by Stefan Nedalman, AMPLE Entertainment turned to Mass FX to fully realize the opening title sequence for HBO's The Invisible Pilot limited series.


  • Main Title Design
  • Creative Direction
  • 3D Animation
  • 2D Animation

Story and Design

Mirror images and echoed repetition hinted at the duality of the main character. Using forward motion, the feeling of falling and surprise reveals around every corner, the opening title sequence is meant to hint at the twists and turns to come. We worked with directors Ari Mark and Phil Lott to reveal themes within the show without giving away any spoilers.

invisiblepilot 06 1920x1080
invisiblepilot 05 1920x1080
invisiblepilot 02 1920x1080
invisiblepilot 04 1920x1080
invisiblepilot 03 1920x1080

Title Lockup Explorations

Exploring various themes of the series, Mass FX designed varying images to communicate the elusive and mysterious nature of the story before landing on the final lockup.

tip titlelockup 08
tip titlelockup 02
tip titlelockup 03
tip titlelockup 01
amp21-001 invisiblepilot bridge 001

Playing with perspective

3D animation was used to give the appearance of 2D cell animation, but provide dimension and depth to pull off the intricate transitions and morphs.


We were excited to find opportunities to hide clever transitions between objects and scenes. Using 3D objects, 2D graphics and powder simulations, we were able to marry different techniques to get a single unified look.


We embraced the challenge of finding opportunities to integrate connected and provocative imagery across scenes to draw out the themes of the show.

WireframeFinal Look
tsd thumbnail anamorphic

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